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Who We Are

Our mission at JBR Solutions is to help our clients meet their strategic vision by aligning their human capital with the growing and changing needs of their organization. Based in Fairfax, Virginia, we partner with customers to build measurable and lasting enterprise-wide business consulting solutions. Our leadership holds more than three decades of experience in servicing private, nonprofit, and government organizations.

Why JBR Solutions

We work closely with management to achieve desired performance levels. Our holistic approach integrates people and systems resulting in a cohesive and lasting impact. Our consultants are trained to design measurable results when customizing solutions.

Corporate History

JBR Solutions was founded in January 2002 by Jaiya Bakshi. After 10 years of serving small to mid-size businesses in Human Resource Management with a focus on recruitment, Jaiya found that there was a gap between employees, employers, and their clients. During the technology boom, companies were spending 

outrageous amounts on benefits for employees without researching the Return-on-Investment (ROI), which contributed to the collapse of many businesses.

Since that bubble burst, more emphasis has been placed on client service, the key to any enterprise. However, there has been a lack of support for the employees who provide these services. These two extremes have resulted from the inability to integrate Human Resource Management into the company's strategic business plan. As the need for a comprehensive human capital strategy became critical to organizations, Ms. Bakshi expanded the company's vision to assist customers by providing a full service Human Resource Solution customized for each client.