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A Resource for Human Capital Management Consulting

From organizational development to succession management, JBR Solutions delivers a full suite of management consulting services. Our government customers face issues like developing a workforce able to deal effectively with terrorism, disasters and emergency, aging population eligible for retirement, modernization, and implementation of the national security personnel systems.

Business Consultation

Unique Approach Gets Results

At JBR Solutions, we draw on decades of experience in combination with innovative science and technology to understand how human behavior affects an organization's strategy and — ultimately — success. This allows us to deliver effective solutions and performance improvements during a period of change. This produces results you can measure, such as:

• Lower Costs
• Lower Attrition
• Better Trained, More Effective Workforce

• Motivated Leadership
• Faster, More Efficient Processes

Our Areas of Expertise

Performance Improvement

Performance is measured at the enterprise-wide, business unit, and employee levels. Our approach to Performance Improvement encompasses.

Business Planning:

• Define Business Goals
• Identify Measurements Of Performance Improvement
Cost-Benefit Analysis & Potential

Change Management:

• Craft Change Roadmap
• Create Processes To Monitor Progress
• Use Metrics As a Tool To Monitor Results On an Ongoing Process

Business Process Redesign:

• Analyze Current Process for Effectiveness & Efficiency
• Identify Key Processes for Redesign
• Construct Approach
• Prioritize & Implement Initiatives
• Develop Implementation Plan
• Assemble & Deploy Teams
• Perform Ongoing Evaluation Of Processes & Redesign
• Continuously Monitor Progress & Address Roadblocks

Organization Development

Leadership Development:

• Create a Clear & Compelling Vision
• Build a Cohesive Leadership Team
• Identify Key Leadership Behaviors

Knowledge Management:

• Develop Tools To Facilitate Exchange Of Knowledge
• Customized Learning Management Systems

• Customized Learning Content Systems

Workforce Training & Development:

• Design Instructional Systems
• Construct Employee Development Plans (EDPs)
• Develop Evaluation/Measurement Tools for Assessment Of Training Effectiveness
• Develop Coaching/Mentoring Programs

Business Handshake

Human Capital Planning

Workforce Planning:

• Strategic Direction
• Conduct Workforce Analyses
• Design and Develop Strategic Initiatives
• Implement Initiatives
• Monitor, Evaluate, and Redesign

Workforce Forecasting

Design Developmental, Attrition, & Forecasting Models

Internal Human Resource Planning:

• Human Resource Information Systems

• Monitor Compliance
• Develop Recruitment and Retention Programs

Succession Management Planning:

• Develop Benchmark Performance Standards & Desired Leadership Competencies
• Assess Readiness
• Create Succession Management Plan (SMP)
• Design a System & Develop Tools & Programs To Implement SMP