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Our Areas of Expertise

Project Management and Engineering Services

JBR Solutions personnel provided services in professional general engineering and construction expertise to work in planning, design, and construction of facilities for our client. JBR Solutions provided critical work process analysis in the following task areas:

• Provided Project Management Expertise
• Served As Technical Specialist On Various Aspects Of General Engineering
• Provided Consulting In the Construction Project Partnering & Commissioning Process

• Provided Strategy for Procurement Of Architecture & Engineering Services & Construction
• Provided Knowledge Of Negotiating Principles & Techniques

Business Meeting

Financial Management Job Analysis

The customer needed an analyst with a strong background in business and financial management. JBR Solutions provided job analysis to reevaluate the current competencies and modify according to the new mission in the financial management office. This led to a new list of required skills, which included reporting, metrics, data collection and analysis. JBR Solutions provided human resource services in program management, classification of labor categories, development of selection tools and evaluating factors, and staffing of contract employees.

Creating Leaders

Our customer needed program management and administration of its Leadership and Professional Development programs. The goal was to transform the programs in order to make them more attractive to potential participants, increase enrollment, and decrease attrition rates. JBR Solutions put systems in place to improve the overall value of the programs through a combined project management and marketing approach:

• Marketing Initiatives That Demonstrated the Value Of the Programs
• Structure Put In Place To Set Direction, Delineate Milestones, & Provide Needed Assistance
• Implementation & Execution

Of the Succession Management & Leadership Programs
• Facilitation Of Knowledge Management To Transfer & Protect Intellectual Capital


Our customer now had resources in place to facilitate completion of leadership training, which jumped from less than 45% to approximately 75-80%.

Attracting Qualified Recruits

Our client was having a difficult time attracting and hiring qualified candidates. They brought on JBR Solutions to provide employment services, which included resume screening, employment and reference checks, background checks, college recruitment, advertising, and developing selection criteria and material. JBR Solutions developed a standard for benchmarking employee qualifications, which was unprecedented for this command. The team then rewrote job qualifications that better targeted the appropriate talent and led to hiring more qualified candidates.


They attracted highly qualified recruits, and 95% of the new hires have bachelor's and/or master's degrees as well as skillsets to bring the organization to the next level.

Analyzing Administrative Job Functions

JBR Solutions was hired to perform an administrative assistant job function analysis after a reorganization -merger of three separate divisions. To determine the level of duplication of workload and job function, the JBR Solutions team used a three step approach:

• Surveyed Employees & Managers for Each Job Function To Identify & Organize Their Primary Duty Areas
• Facilitated an Employee 
Focus Group To Discuss Actual Duties Versus Documented Duties
• Used Process Mapping for Efficiency & Effectiveness


JBR Solutions' work resulted in a reduction of six man years, which transferred into a savings of $600K annually for our client.